Misleading reports exist about several legal matters involving the NRA. This website presents key documents and facts — to set the record straight and allow the public to judge for itself.

 Legal Facts

National Review: Progressive Governments' Economic War on the NRA Fails in Court


January 8, 2020 —  National Review today published an editorial by famed legal writer Walter Olson, which addresses efforts by government officials in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York to "take down the hated National Rifle Association by targeting its pocketbook." 


​Olson writes in support of the NRA’s legal advocacy and observes that San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York are "facing a legal reckoning in court, based not on the Second Amendment but on the First. Without needing to even consider the issue of gun rights, federal courts are recognizing that boycotts enforced by government power can menace free speech and free association." 

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The New York Times Magazine Reports on NRA

DECEMBER 18, 2019 — The New York Times Magazine today published the article, “Inside Wayne LaPierre’s Battle for the NRA.” The piece, which centers on an interview with LaPierre, chronicles the NRA’s position on a wide range of legal, regulatory and reputational concerns.


The article also underscores an important truth: In the face of relentless pressure, LaPierre and the NRA have fought to protect the interests of the Association and its millions of loyal members. The piece explores the apparent political motivation behind an investigation by the New York Attorney General, and offers information that supports the NRA’s legal position of former vendor Ackerman McQueen.


Speaking directly of Ackerman, The New York Times cites its independent research regarding the poor reach and exposure of the NRATV platform and quotes an Ackerman client who validates the merits of the NRA’s legal actions against the agency.

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