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NRA Responds to NYAG Lawsuit, Countersues for NYAG Trying to Dissolve 'Political Enemy'

February 23, 2021 – In a legal filing, the NRA today responded to an August 2020 lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James. The filing responds to the contrived narrative by the NYAG, and alleges that the case she filed is part of a crusade to silence a powerful political opponent and its commitment to Second Amendment advocacy.


As reported by Reuters, “ The National Rifle Association has filed a countersuit against New York Attorney General Letitia James, saying she lacks authority to invoke state laws governing nonprofits to dissolve ‘political entities’ such as itself.”


According to the filing, “James’s threatened, and actual, regulatory and civil reprisals are a blatant and malicious retaliation campaign against the NRA and its constituents based on her disagreement with the content of their speech. This wrongful conduct threatens to destroy the NRA and chill the speech of the NRA, its members, and other constituents, including like-minded groups and their members.”


The NRA will continue to confront the NYAG’s weaponization of power – to the benefit of the Association, its millions of members, and all who believe in constitutional freedom.


READ THE FILING. (Counterclaims begin on page 136)   

NRA Files Motion for Leave to File
Second Amended Complaint Against
Ackerman McQueen, Mercury Group

February 11, 2021 The National Rifle Association of America ("NRA") today filed a motion for leave to file a Second Amendment Complaint against Ackerman McQueen, Inc. ("AMc"), its subsidiary, Mercury Group, Inc., and individual defendants. The motion was filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division.


The NRA seeks to amend its complaint to add a new claim for trademark infringement and to add new allegations uncovered during discovery that are specific to fraud and conspiracy charges against Mercury Group. 


As stated in the Second Amended Complaint, "Since the NRA terminated its relationship with AMc in Spring 2019, text messages, emails, and former-employee testimonials obtained through discovery and otherwise have made two things regrettably clear. First, AMc exploited decades of trust in order to siphon assets from the NRA, lining its pockets at the expense of its client and in violation of the law. Second, AMc has gone to outrageous lengths to sustain and conceal its grift, deploying scorched-earth tactics against anyone who scrutinized its activities or spending."


The NRA filed its original lawsuit against the Defendants on August 30, 2019. That lawsuit sought to enjoin the agency's further misuse of the NRA's brand for its own marketing purposes.


NRA alleges that Ackerman breached its fiduciary duties, engaged in fraudulent billing, and failed to maintain adequate books and records – all in an effort to enrich itself at the expense of the NRA and its members.


NRA Leaves New York to Reincorporate in Texas, Announces New Strategic Plan
NRA Plans to Exit New York to Pursue Opportunity, Growth and Progress in Texas; Plan Benefits Association, Its Millions of Members, and All Supporters of the Second Amendment

January 15, 2021 – The National Rifle Association of America (“NRA”) today announced it will restructure the Association as a Texas nonprofit to exit what it believes is a corrupt political and regulatory environment in New York. The move will enable long-term, sustainable growth and ensure the NRA’s continued success as the nation’s leading advocate for constitutional freedom – free from the toxic political environment of New York.


The NRA plan, which involves utilizing the protection of the bankruptcy court, has the Association dumping New York and organizing its legal and regulatory matters in an efficient forum. The move comes at a time when the NRA is in its strongest financial condition in years.


The NRA will continue with the forward advancement of the enterprise – confronting anti-Second Amendment activities, promoting firearm safety and training, and advancing public programs across the United States. There will be no immediate changes to the NRA’s operations or workforce.  



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